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Oceans Direct gets TANKED this season!
We will be on an episode of the “TANKED” show on Animal Planet this season. Watch all of the crew from Oceans Direct help Brett and Wayde setup another spectacular aquarium… Click Here

Amazing New Shipment This Week !!
Our Tanks are overflowing with new live stock this week we had so many fish that we had to place some of them in our old store.  This weekend is a great time to stop in as the selection is the best it has been in our new store. And of course we are having a sale and some crazy RED TAG SALE ITEMS.

Specials for this weekend. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday! We have a great selection of high end Corals and a nice variety of fish, so stop in this weekend and save. See the Specials Page for the current discounts. Read More…

Oceans Direct On Fox 35 News Orlando

We have allot going on this week, First off Wednesday June 13, Fox News Good Day reporter David Martin broadcasted live from our store. Starting around 7am he show cased our hobby to all of Central Florida. We talked about what is involved in keeping these beautiful aquariums in our homes and show cased some beautiful fish and corals. Recorded on June 13, Fox 35 Good Day Morning News. Click Here

New Shipments

Call Us – We ship livestock nationwide. We have over 5000 gallons of just saltwater fish holding systems. We get fish shipments in every week (sometimes twice a week!) we will be stocked up when you come in.

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Custom Aquariums

The talented and experienced staff at Oceans Direct can help you design the custom aquarium project for your space and budget. Call us today to setup an appointment and get you started on the right path.

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Our aquarium cleaning and maintenance service includes a health check on all tank fish, all necessary water tests and water changes, substrate vacuuming, tank cleaning, complete filter cleaning and equipment check.

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Oceans Direct will be on the show this season. Watch all of the crew from Oceans Direct help Brett and Wayde setup another spectacular aquarium…

Oceans Direct gets TANKED this season!

Oceans Direct is a premier specialty Saltwater Fish store in the Orlando area. We have over 5000 gallons and hundreds of species of Saltwater Fish and Live Corals in our display tanks. When possible, we only buy Mac Certified fish to assure you the best quality specimen that the industry can provide. Customers love Oceans Direct because they find a larger selection of Saltwater Fish and Live Corals at lower prices than other tropical fish stores in the Orlando area. At Oceans Direct you will find a complete selection of dry goods for all your aquarium needs. We will meet or beat any of our competitor’s prices. Stop by and see for yourself why Oceans Direct is Central Florida’s Premier Saltwater Fish store.

Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm

Sat 10am-5pm

Sun 12pm-5pm

Oceans Direct

203 West State Road 434

Longwood, Florida 32750

PH (407) 339-8883 | FAX (407) 339-9914

Email: info@oceansdirect.com

Ocean Direct since 2002 is a full service saltwater fish store located in Longwood Florida. Although the name “Ocean Direct” is only eight years old, the owner, George Russo, has been in the aquarium trade business for over 30 years. George Russo was born in California and found plenty of work with all the many wholesalers out in Los Angeles. He has always kept in contact with his friends out there, which has been a tremendous plus in getting the best saltwater livestock coming out of LA. Once George moved to Central Florida, he opened up his first retail store in 1995, “Fins and Feathers”, in Apopka. After getting tired of cleaning up bird feathers every day, George dropped the birds and renamed it “Seven Seas” in Longwood on 434. Having that great location and the best variety of saltwater fish and corals, George grew his business to be one of the best in Central Florida. After nine years of running Seven Seas, George sold the business to pursue the wholesale aspect of the marine livestock business. After years of wholesaling, he realized that he missed the people aspect of retail, and formed present day Oceans Direct.


The most important part of any Aquarium business is the experience of the staff we hire. Oceans Direct employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable staff. Each of our employees have years of experience in the aquarium hobby and are there to help you with all your needs.

We carry corals from all over the world. Some hot places that we love to get shipments from are Bali, Tonga, Fiji, and Solomon Islands. And about once a month we get to cherry pick Walt Smith Internationals Fiji coral station for some of the largest colonies you have ever seen.

We also have over 1500 gallons of halide lit and now are starting to switch over to LED lighting coral systems, with one of the systems strictly dedicated to coral frags that we put on sale at unbeatable price. No over priced frags here!!

We will guarantee our Coral for 24 hours after purchase for 100% store credit. All we need is the Coral, and a separate water sample. If the water tests within reasonable levels. We can offer this to you.

We will offer 50% store credit with the same conditions as above up to 48hrs.

We have over 5000 gallons of just saltwater holding systems. We get saltwater livestock shipments in every week (sometimes twice a week!), so we will always be stocked up when you come in. Like our corals, we buy livestock from everywhere in the world, and only fish that are MAC certified (Marine Aquarium Council). What that means to you is that every saltwater fish that we carry in our store has been hand caught and not captured in unethical ways. It not only is a moral decision on our part, but also guarantees us that the aquarium livestock you might take home for your new pet is the healthiest that the industry can offer you. Check our NEW STOCK page to see upcoming arrivals.

We will guarantee our aquarium livestock for 24 hours after purchase for 100% store credit. All we need is the fish, and a separate water sample. If the water tests within reasonable levels, and the fish has no signs of fin tearing or any other injuries due to other inhabitants, we can offer this to you. We will offer 50% store credit with the same conditions as above up to 48hrs.

We carry Caribbean Live Rock and is a porous rock. This unique appearing live rock comes from Haiti and is actually ancient Lettuce coral heads that have been encrusted over with coralline algae and microalgae’s. Haitian live rock has many open areas due to its plating structure, which will enable the aquarium to have better circulation, and a natural appearance.

Haitian live rock is much lighter than Fiji or any other rock available on the market making it much easier to provide the desired look in the aquarium at an affordable price. The recommended weight per gallon is between 3/4 to 1-1/4 pounds. This quantity will create a beautiful aqua scape, with many open holes and crevices, for marine life to hide. The advantages of using this rock is the incredible diversity of coloration and size with many hard to find flat pieces and unique shapes.

Live Rock will benefit not only reef aquariums, but also fish-only aquariums. Live rock will provide a natural food source for some aquarium inhabitants, aid in the breakdown of waste produced by aquarium inhabitants, and create a foundation for live corals or decorations in a fish-only aquarium. A diversity of life forms such as plants, worms, sponges, starfish, crustaceans, mollusks, and occasionally even hard or soft corals are present with this type of rock.

Live Rock is easy to maintain in the aquarium, and makes an excellent candidate for the beginner or the expert aquarist. This type of rock requires moderate lighting, and moderate water movement, along with the addition of calcium and alkalinity buffers should be added to keep it’s color. These rocks range in size from 8 to 16 inches and larger. Please note that some breakage happens during shipping, so there may be some ruble.

Live Rock – What is it?

If you are new to saltwater fish keeping you may be wondering what live rock is. The rock itself isn’t alive, but it contains many small reef inhabitants that are, such as algae, corals, sponges, and many other types of invertebrates.

Purpose of Aquarium Live Rock

The most important function of live rock in a marine aquarium is that it functions as a biological filter. Live rock is able to serve this function because it is colonized by bacteria that feed on waste products produced by the fish in the tank. The bacteria on the live rock break down waste products that are produced by aquarium fish, such as ammonia, into substances that aren’t harmful to the fish. Using live rock in your saltwater aquarium will greatly enhance the survival rate and health of your fish.

Another benefit of using live rock in your aquarium is that it provides a variety of marine life forms, such as marine algae and invertebrates for your fish to graze on. In their natural habitat, marine fish spend most of their time in search of food. Providing well-established live rock in your fish tank will enable your marine livestock to feed throughout the day.

In addition, many saltwater species are not captive bred and were removed from their natural habitat before arriving at the dealer where you obtained the fish. Providing live rock in their tank will help them to acclimate to life in captivity because most of these fish will be used to feeding off of rocks similar to what you’ll have in your aquarium. In fact, some marine animals don’t survive long in captivity without feeding on the reef invertebrates and algae that grow on live rock.

Another very important purpose of having live rock in your aquarium is that it provides hiding places for many marine invertebrates and animals.

You can arrange the rock work in your tanks to provide caves and hiding places so that your fish will feel more secure. A fish that feels more secure and safe will be less prone to disease.

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business. When dramatic is the only way to go, a custom made aquarium is ready to fit the bill. When choosing a company to create your custom built aquarium or specialty fish tank, you want to find a trusted company that has a perfect understanding of the intricate designs, stability issues and materials needed for high volume aquariums.

Even if you know that a custom made fish tank is what you are looking for, you may not know how to spot the right one for you and your area. The first consideration is the size and height of the area in which the custom fish tank will sit. If you have only a small space and want a larger aquarium, you may have to go taller rather than longer or wider.

The talented and experienced staff at Oceans Direct can help your design the custom aquarium project for your space and budget. Call us today to setup an appointment and get you started on the right path.

Oceans Direct designs custom fish tank installations for both private and commercial owners. View our recent work in the custom design section. Our experience in the installation and design process for custom aquariums includes consultation, livestock review and design management.

Oceans Direct’s consulting and project management products range from basic conceptual design, livestock selection and contractor integration.

Our custom fish tank team offers a wide range of talents and services which include:

Livestock Selection and Acquisition

Aquarium Design and Water Management Engineering

Custom Aquarium Care and Maintenance

We pride ourselves in creating wonderful unique saltwater aquatic environments, and work diligently to duplicate that natural ocean beauty in our aquarium exhibits. We design each unique self contained ocean ecosystem utilizing our experienced specialists and our access to exotic livestock inventory. Custom decorative coral reef sculptures are constructed and maintained by us. All custom aquarium systems are built from the highest-quality materials and provide the specialized lighting, temperature modification and life support your custom aquarium deserves.

- Custom fish tanks and aquariums or standard designs installed.

- We work with all the suppliers including architects and contractors as needed.

- Fish tanks and aquariums installed in both businesses and homes.

- All saltwater aquarium supplies brought to your home or business.

We provide professional custom aquarium installations for your home or business. Our mission is to provide a quality set up while having respect for your time and space. We can design a custom aquarium or can install any standard sized aquarium.

Oceans Direct will be happy to customize a maintenance schedule for your reef aquarium at your home, office or business. Our routine service includes: algae cleaning, substrate cleaning, water changes with Reverse Osmosis water, water testing, redecoration of aquarium, complete health check of saltwater fish and invertebrates, free delivery of aquarium supplies, fish and corals.

We serve the general Central Florida area. This includes Orlando FL, Longwood FL, Winter Park FL, Oviedo FL, Orange County and Seminole County Florida.

We can ship livestock nationwide.

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